3 Brain Exercises with Yoga

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We are all aware of the innumerable benefits of yoga today. Performing yoga regularly not only strengthens your body and regulates your organ functioning, but it also improves mental health. As you perform yoga repeatedly, the blood flow increases and this allows more oxygen to reach various body cells, thereby enhancing their function. There are some exercises in yoga which are essentially beneficial for the brain. These exercises stimulate your brains and help them get sharper.

Tadasana or the Mountain Pose

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This is a simple standing pose which helps you focus on your breathing. It also alleviates headaches and insomnia. Tadasana helps you sleep better and keep your brain more alert. You need to stand with your feet together and arm by your sides with your fingers pointing down towards the ground. Your pelvis should be neutral. Next, broaden your collarbone and roll the shoulders back. Breathe in and out gently.  

Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand

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This is an inversion asana which helps you nourish your brain by improving the blood flow to the pineal glands and hypothalamus. The improved blood flow, in turn, boosts cognitive functions. To perform this pose, you need to lie down on your back and slowly lift your legs up into the air, extending them towards the ceiling. Rest your elbows on the floor, while keeping the hands beneath the hips. Breathe in as you slowly raise the pelvis and then your trunk off the ground. Continue until your chin touches your chest. Hold on to this position and try to hold your breath for a few seconds. Then breathe out slowly while lowering your torso back to the ground.

Paschimotanasana or Seated Forward Bend

This is a really good asana which revives your nervous system, calms your mind and also boosts the blood supply in your brain. Begin this asana by sitting on the ground on a yoga mat in order to support your hips. Now extend your legs. Put pressure on each buttock turn by turn, while pulling away from the other sitting bone. Press your palms and fingertips onto the floor and raise your sternum towards the ceiling. Inhale as you lean forward from the hip and extend your arms fully. Do not lean from your waist. You will feel your tailbone lengthen. Next, ease into the forward bend and lengthen your torso while keeping your head raised. Now your elbows should be bend out to the sides and lift up off the floor. In this pose, you will feel your lower belly touch your thighs and then your upper belly, followed by your ribs. Next, touch your head to your thighs last. Let the front torso rise and lengthen each time you inhale and while you exhale, release a little more into the forward bend. Repeat this for 2 to 3 minutes. 

These are the most effective brain and mind stimulation exercises from  yoga. These yoga asanas should be performed regularly to stimulate your brains.

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