5 Ways To Encourage The Child Brain Development

Children’s brain develops very fast from the age of birth to the age of three. So the child’s Brain’s development has an impact on all areas of child growth.

There are four critical areas of development: motor (physical), language and communication, social and emotional, and cognitive. The brain development is part of the cognitive development.

5 Ways To Encourage The Development Of A Child’s Brain
5 Ways To Encourage The Development Of A Child’s Brain

What Is Cognitive Brain Development?

Cognitive development explains how a child’s intelligence grows, including thinking, learning, and problem-solving skills. These abilities have an impact on all other areas of development.

The first three years of a child’s life are essential for learning and development. Most parents are wondering how they can help their children grow their minds. The best way is to involve the kid positively in day-to-day tasks such as playing, reading, and being there while he/she experiences discomfort.

Here Are Strategies That Support Brain Development:


Play is an excellent way to help an infant or a child grow his brain. The play could be a game, speak or sing to actively engage your child’s brain. “Peek-a-boo” and sticking out toys to see a baby’s brain grow. Always talk to your child about what you’re doing. For children, sing activity songs, such as “Wheels on the Bus,” inspire to pretend to play, draw and create with blocks and toys. All these foster imagination and creativity.


Reading is one of the best methods to encourage brain development for a child. Just before he or she can understand letters or phrases, reading comprehension continues with language and communication abilities. Listening to the terms and seeing the images binds the two in a child’s mind. Repeating the same books brings a connection between the phrases you’re reading about and the pictures on the screen. As a child grows up, encourage him/her to point to specific things around him, like “Where is the cat?

5 Ways To Encourage The Development Of A Child’s Brain
5 Ways To Encourage The Development Of A Child’s Brain


Babies can feel some stress. Carry and cuddle your child. Let him/her know that you’re there to comfort them and help them when they feel the tension. Studies have found that responsive, loving and supportive care helps children deal with stress better than if care is inconsistent.

Playing Outdoors Optimizes Child’s Brain

Playing outdoors is vital to children’s sustained growth and development. Study shows that children that play outdoors are often healthier and stronger.

Getting outdoors helps children to interact with the natural world. It also increases balance, promotes active imagination and can contribute to reducing childhood obesity levels.

Beginning a child’s love of nature should start early, by walking in a stroller. As a child grows up, visit playgrounds and beaches frequently, or spend time discovering the garden.

Unorganized outdoor play can be particularly beneficial because it also promotes social skills. Children make plays, take turns, make decisions together, and think about collaboration as part of the unorganized game.

5 Ways To Encourage The Development Of A Child’s Brain
5 Ways To Encourage The Development Of A Child’s Brain

Tummy Time

Tummy time will start when your child is a newborn. To get your baby happy with your parents, put your baby on your lap for a minute or two. For a 1-to 3-month-old, spread a blanket or mattress on the floor and put it on his back. Place books or fascinating items in the area to take a look at him, and allow your child to lift his head by keeping toys at eye level in front of him. Use soft toys that are safe and colorful for infants to attract their attention.

Newborns need help in building up strong muscles. Tummy Time is one of the excellent methods to improve infants grow essential muscles in their arms, shoulders, and that will eventually help them sit back and roll.

Infants spend plenty of time on their sides, whether they’re sleeping or sitting on a stroller or a backpack. Tummy time is when you keep your baby on the floor with his stomach so that he can raise his head and look around.


In this article, these effective ways will help you encourage the brain development of your child. So, I urge you to start now.

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