Brain Development Food Ideas For A Healthy Development

brain development food

Let’s talk about making children eat food that is actually healthy and does not necessarily look cute enough to be consumed. Yes, it is quite the task of life and you would very well know if you have even one kid at home. As difficult as it is, it is not possible as a parent to ignore the idea of them not consuming so that will lead to their better development. In this article, we have discussed some brain development food ideas and strategies to help them consume better food items.

Brain Development Food Ideas

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Let us start with the best brain development food ideas – eggs, greek yogurt, greens and fish, and nuts. We can assure you that this is not a complete list of food items that will lead to better brain development but we have some strategies with which you can make your children consume all of these food items. For example, you can fold the scrambled eggs into a tortilla and give it to them for breakfast or a snack in the late afternoon. Egg sandwiches and interesting sauce drawings on the sandwiches can work like a charm. It kind of works every time.

The Greens

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No matter how well you make it look, greens are going to be the enemies and you are going to have a hard time convincing your child to eat it and most of the time, it is close to impossible that they decide to consume it at all. So, always remember to make these Greens an addon. A good example would be making a spinach smoothie for snack time or adding it to the omelets or Lasagna. Some add-ons might not be completely healthy and you will be put in a situation where you will have to decide on food items that will attract them before they consume the Greens along with it, but sometimes we have to take the step.

Fish, Nuts, And Seeds

Well, if you have gone through the pain of greens, making them eat their fish food and nuts should be comparatively easier. You can grill the fish and of it with a sauce for dipping or make tuna sandwiches because they are tasty. Likewise, you can try getting sunflower seed butter instead of asking them to consume the sales or not and use it as a spread in their favourite bread and do all the extra work of making a smiley face over the bread for the presentation purposes.


You might also want to try adding some fruits in the form of smoothies and milkshakes. It is not always possible for you to have the time to make all these presentation techniques and make them consume a bit of green. This is why you have to follow a routine of giving them a milkshake or juice as an evening snack. As gently as you make it a habit to them, they will eventually start consuming something healthy necessarily once or twice a day, which is a success in our effort.

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