Brain Games For Adults – All You Need To Know

brain exercise games for adults

If you’ve never used brain exercise games for adults before, they can be a great way to improve your brain function and even teach your brain new tricks. Brain exercise games are also referred to as brain games, brain exercise puzzles or brain fitness games. They are an easy and fun way to improve brain function by exercising the brain in new ways.

Brain exercise games are available in many forms like brain teasers, brain busters and cross word puzzles. They are designed to help you work smarter, not harder. For example, if you’re spending your time solving a jigsaw puzzle, you’ll be better off solving that jigsaw puzzle than trying to solve the next puzzle that comes along.

An Overview

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Riddles and brain teasers are the most basic form of exercise for your brain. Riddles entice you to explore your mind by asking questions about what the answers will be. There are many different types of riddles like those that require logic, deduction and pattern matching. These types of exercises are great because they require concentration and logical thinking. They’re also easy to breeze through and don’t require a lot of effort.

Brain Games For Adults

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The next step up in brain workout games are more challenging with in-app purchases. Many of the in-app purchases for games like Lumosity, Train & Race or Mindflex actually challenge your brain in completely new ways. This means that there are different aspects of each game including memory, reasoning and timing necessary for you to succeed at beating your brain competition. You can purchase the entire package for under $50. However, if you prefer to have one challenging puzzle to play while you’re on a bus, plane or train, some of these brain exercise games for adults include options for in-app purchases like songs that you can listen to while you attempt to solve the puzzle.

Another example of puzzle brain workouts is Sudoku. Sudoku requires an intense level of concentration and even those individuals not used to puzzles may find this challenging. You can choose between a single player and multi-player versions of Sudoku. You can also purchase the popular mobile version as a free download.

In the App Store or via an in-app purchase you can get Brain Booster. This is another challenging puzzle game that provides free brain exercise with the additional option of rhythm gaming. The free version of the brain workout offers a total of nine levels of brain stimulating puzzles and brain teasers. The rhythm game is fun and uses two screens that rotate to give you a double blow of rhythm while you compete against the clock to solve the puzzle. There are no in-app purchases or ads, which can make this game more attractive to younger users.

Brain Arena is another exciting, time-saving and exercise inducing game. It combines fun arcade action with a scientifically based strategy game. This brain teaser offers over 40 levels of difficulty, all of which are timed. The graphics are clean and well designed, and the game uses the Phonak Neuro Fitness Engine to provide the smooth action you would expect from a brain teaser. There are no ads or subscriptions to keep this brain exercise app coming up top in the app’s chart.

Bottom Line

When looking for brain games for adults, it’s important to look for those that incorporate physical movement. Any activities that require using your upper body, such as jogging, brisk walking, or climbing stairs, will help keep your brain active. You need to find activities that challenge your cognitive abilities, but won’t require you to hold a phone, type, or do other things that don’t involve your hands. Examples of games that incorporate physical activity include Scrabble and Uno. The rules of these games are easy to learn and incorporate into your daily life, so they are great choices for individuals already engaged in some type of physical activity. As you become more knowledgeable about your body, you can start incorporating more brain games for adults.

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