Choosing the Best Brain Gym Exercise For Kids

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Kids of all ages love brain training exercises that are designed to stimulate the brain, whether it’s learning math or just improving their memory. While most brain activities can be done at home, the problem is finding exercises that your kid will actually enjoy and benefit from. Since children enjoy some activities more than others, you have to find fun activities that they can participate in without being bored or frustrated. Brain fitness and memory stimulation are important for any child, but if you don’t provide them with exercises that are exciting, you could do more harm than good.

Watch You Work Out

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One great way to get your child interested in brain exercises is to have them watch you work out. This will give them a sense that they are contributing to the exercises by watching you work out. You can show off your moves and challenges by posting videos on YouTube or showing your work out to family and friends. Brain fitness can also be enhanced by having your kids help you perform the exercises. When they feel as if they are a part of the activity, they are much more likely to enjoy it.

For instance, there is a very simple brain gym exercise for kids that involves the use of a child’s imagination. To do this exercise, have your kid sit in a chair. Have your kid shuffle his feet or use a flashlight to shine a light on his or her hands. You may also want to use a small toy or a soft toy that can keep his or her toes busy. This will help to stimulate the circulation in the brain which helps to increase oxygen.

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Improve Brain Function

A lot of people find fitness bingo a very enjoyable way to improve brain function and memory. There is some scientific backing to the fact that this game can help with brain function and memory. It seems that the more a person uses their brain the better their memory becomes. Playing brain games such as Scrabble or crossword puzzles can help to develop the number and strength of the brains in your child’s head. Not only does this exercise help to develop their memory but it also stimulates their brain activity.

There is a brain fitness game called maze that can also be a good brain exercise for kids. All you need is your kid’s attention and a game pad. Have your kid sit in front of a computer. Turn the game pad on and have your kid run from one end of the screen to another, while the music in the background plays at the same time asking him or her to find the different objects on the game board.

Running In The Open Field

As he or she runs from one area of the maze to another, the brain is working at a different level than when he or she was running in the open field. This will help to develop your kid’s mental capability at a much higher level. You should start out with short exercises such as just naming the different objects that are on the game board. This will help your kid to recognize where each object is located. Once your kid has gotten this simple exercise under his or her belt, you can move on to more challenging brain exercise such as sorting the different colors on the maze.

Summing Up 

There are many different types of brain games available that could provide your child with hours of fun and brain fitness. You can even take advantage of a brain fitness workout by using an exercise machine at home. For example, the Brain Age Gym from Neuro Fitness sells a variety of devices that are specially designed to provide stimulation and even resistance for your brain. In the same way, you can purchase some of these products and use them to exercise your brain. It’s fun and easy to do so! Regardless of the type of brain game or activity you choose, it will definitely be good for your kid’s brain.

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