Developmental Psychology- How To Train Your Brain

theories of developmental psychology

The moment you are born, your brain is available with outstanding capacities. According To the theory of developmental psychology, people can start the art of brain training as soon as they have a child. Most children are born geniuses, but they forget the capacity as they start growing up. But brain training is not only respected by children, and adults can also practice it. Now it is high time that you should learn more and be better in your mental strength. Implement the ideas below, and you can satiate your mental problems and disorders. 

Play Games

There are numerous online games that you can check out that will give you brain fitness programs. You can tease and pose competition to your brain like Sudoku as well as crosswords. If you have a smartphone, find an array of electronic games that will improve the speed of your brain. You can get image benefits by playing for only 15 minutes every day, and it is also a fun and interactive way to bond with your family. Every single day you can find out new skills that you never knew your brain could do. 


Text, letter

The art of meditation is indeed very influential so that it is suitable for both young and adults. It is not only for your mind but also for your body. It will give you a composed effect and make your brain work out in the best possible manner. You can hover around in various mental states, and it will give you the positivity you have been looking for. You can also control your anger issues and get a better perspective on life. Increasing your brain fitness is never going to be a hassle anymore when you go for regular meditation sessions. 

Eat Accordingly

Whenever you are eating, you need to eat for your brain specifically. Focus on the oils from fish like wild salmon, as well as nuts. Not only that, but you should also opt for superfoods like olive oil and flax seeds. Eating them will stimulate your brain cells and rejuvenate the neurons as well. Now you can also remove all sorts of trans fat, which is not suitable for your body. 

Read Good Stories

Reading is an important activity that you can indulge in if you want your brain to function better. Stories are the way in which you can boost your memories for the better, and you could also try sharing moments. There are unique modes of storytelling so that you can get the attention of your listeners. Did you know that there are anti-aging benefits of storytelling? Decrease your screen time and increase your reading time. 


It might not seem impactful, but you should exercise regularly to keep your mental strength intact. With better muscles, you can practice mental balance- there are numerous youtube tutorials for exercise that will challenge your brain for the better. 


There are numerous ways to make your brain alert and active – so that your day-to-day schedule can be productive. So start practicing today itself. 

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