Problem Solving Through Brainstorming

brain storming exercise

Brainstorming is an essential activity to get new ideas. It is an effective strategy for solving problems. This technique helps in better and faster problem solving. The brainstorming activity allows you to have a look at various topics and make decisions without too much delay. It also allows you to make quick solutions to various problems.

Helps To Generate Lots Of Ideas

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This activity helps to generate lots of ideas that can make the task easy and interesting. This activity is very important when it comes to solving problems and tackling tasks. Brainstorming is not an easy task if you don’t know how to make use of your brain effectively. Brainstorming activity is useful to generate ideas, which help you to find the solution for the problem. This activity has been designed by a slideshow with pictures of wheels with light bulbs, sticky notes and board with multiple circles.

For better results, make use of a brainstorming diagram. Create the brainstorming activity so that everyone can participate well. Make sure that everyone has a good imagination power. Brainstorming exercise can be done by yourself or by having brainstorming sessions with the help of brainy friends or colleagues.

No Interference While The Brainstorming Session

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Have everyone sitting in front of a computer, using proper connection and internet connection. Make sure that there is no interference while the brainstorming session takes place. The brainstorming session should last for about an hour. Do not confuse the idea of the problem with the problem of brainstorming. The two are different.

You can conduct a brainstorming session by using a simple problem statement that you want to resolve. Brainstorm the solution for every single possible problem related to each of the problems stated. This step can be accomplished by the team leader and all the members. Then, make use of brainstorming techniques to explore the solutions. For instance, if you have to find out why someone got fired from his job, then you can use your brainstorming techniques to find out the reason behind his firing.

Provide An Alternative Explanation

Another thing you should do is to provide an alternative explanation for the situation so that you can have enough variations of the problem to solve effectively. This brainstorming exercise can be conducted by asking questions regarding the problem or confusion and also by posing irrelevant questions to the other team members. As a result, your group will reach a unanimous decision for solving the problem. This is a great way to solve problems easily and proactively.

Summing Up

After doing the brainstorming exercise, you will have a list of problem statements that need to be solved. As you continue with the problem solving session, you will be able to refine and realign the problem statements into a more feasible solution. Through this exercise, you and your team members will be able to build better communication and solve problems better.

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