Steps Of Brain Development Fetuses Experiences Let Us Find Out

brain development fetuses

As we all know the most diversified stage of life is the time a woman goes through pregnancy. She experiences a series of emotional changes, physical changes, mental changes, and lots more in just a span of 9 months. Not only are you going to have a fascinating time during this triple trimester journey, but you are also going to find the living being growing inside you experiencing numerous changes as well. The more time passes the more your abdomen expands giving you a satisfying time that your baby is growing happily and healthily. But wondering about the status of the brain is the curiosity that every mother thinks to herself. Bringing a solution to the common question, we are here with this blog. Learn the steps of brain development fetuses go through. 

What Part Of Your Baby’s Brain Undergoes The First Change

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The 5th week is the beginning of the baby’s brain development along with the spinal cord and the heart. Since it is an integral part of the central nervous system, hence these essential parts develop first. Inside the brain, there is the cerebrum, cerebellum, and brain stem that takes charge and grows proficiently inside the fetus. 

What Happens In The First Trimester?

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The first-trimester is the time_when –

  • The neural plate takes shape.
  • The neural tube starts and continues to grow. However, by the time it reaches the 6-7 week, the tube divides itself into the frontal brain, midbrain, and hindbrain.
  • Now, the neurons and the synapses develop in the spinal cord. 

All these processes help the baby to come up with the ability to make its first move.

Let’s Jump To The Second Trimester

The professional states that –

  •  The brain(hindbrain and cerebellum) finally takes charge and controls bodily movement.
  • Now, action such as swallowing and sucking becomes more prominent and active during this phase. In fact, experts say that the fetus develops the power to swallow the amniotic fluid. 
  • The baby inside, starts their breathing movement worked upon by the central nervous system.
  • Mothers don’t be alarmed if you experience kicking during the second trimester(cerebellum is the one to blame).
  • The fetus can start hearing as well while developing a sleep pattern.
  • While the growth circle reaches the end of the second trimester, the fetal brain appears to have taken the shape of the adult brain where the brain stem is fully developed. 

Concluding With The Third Trimester

In this phase, a mother experiences whole new challenges going through rapid developments inside. All the remaining convoluted areas of the brain materialize dividing the same into the left and right hemispheres. The cerebellum becomes one of the notable structures gaining all attention and controlling all the functions of the baby then. In this regard, one point that needs to be talked about is that mothers should intake folic acid and omega fatty acid 3 rich foods to promote the healthy brain development of their baby. And this is all that you need to learn and understand about the steps of brain development fetuses go through. Hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from the article. 

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