Super Brain Yoga Exercise For The Whole Body

brain yoga exercise

There are literally no limits on what can be achieved with this mind-body fitness technique. No matter what your current level of education is, you too can learn how to activate your brain’s natural plasticity and ability to think better. Read on to find out how you can begin to maximize your brain function today.

Mindfulness meditation is an essential component of brain yoga exercise. Studies have shown that meditation is a powerful healing modality. Studies have also shown that meditation can help lower the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and even high blood pressure. All of these afflictions stem from the damaging effects of harmful toxins in our bodies. Meditation helps to lower the absorption of these toxins into our bodies.

Improving Your Mind-Body Connection

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In addition to improving your mind-body connection, kok sui and other forms of yoga can help you develop a higher sense of self-awareness. A kok sui body scan is a therapeutic tool used to find potential problems in the areas of the body most affected by toxins. For example, the liver has many connections with other organs in the body. A kok sui scan can identify if toxins are being absorbed into the fat cells of the liver. This allows the practitioner to then reduce these toxins through diet, herbal remedies, and exercise.

Another way that yoga asanas can improve your brain function is through increased concentration. It has been proven that by engaging in yoga positions, the body can be more focused and alert. The brain is typically divided into two regions: the left brain and the right brain. The right brain controls logical and rational thought, while the left brain is typically in control of emotion, creativity and problem solving. Engaging in yoga asanas that focus only on the left brain allows the right brain to be engaged in creative problem solving. It will enable the person to think logically about problems instead of emotionally reacting.

Enhancing Brain Function

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The benefits of brain exercise to the brain extend beyond enhancing brain function. Through the practice of kok sui, yoga, and other types of Pranic Healing, the practitioner will be able to address problems in the emotional and physical realms simultaneously. This is because the brain is connected to all aspects of life; it is extremely sensitive to the energy and emotions of people. As a result, when the practitioner reduces negative emotions, it will allow the body and brain to become more balanced.

There are a number of ways to help boost one’s brain power through the various yoga asanas. One of the most important keys is to incorporate meditation into one’s daily routine. By practicing meditation while engaging in yoga postures, the practitioner can enhance the mental and physical responses that the body will make while engaging in the various postures.

Yoga Positions

Some of the most common yoga positions that incorporate meditation into a session include the lord of fishes (lord shaka), the seven linked padres, and a headstand. In the lord of fishes, the student must remain in the right earlobe position for at least one minute.

This position, which includes the right earlobe touching the floor, requires the student to focus on the external environment, breathing deeply, and relaxing. Once this position is mastered, other yoga positions can be added to strengthen the mind, muscles, and body.


In the seven linked padres, known as the padrahasana, the student must move his or her right arm from right shoulder to left shoulder, touching the left earlobe. He or she then rotates the arm from the side away from the body, ending up in the open hand position. This is done three times. Finally, in the headstand pose, the student must stand with feet apart, hands held flat against the floor, hips inches apart, and allow your mind to enter a still state. The benefits of the super brain yoga exercise are many, but the most important benefit is that it helps to strengthen the entire body.

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